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It was your mistake to mess with a Scorpio like me,

I've got none of the good qualities,

Only anger and jealousy!

My pincers and stinger are ready to strike,

I'm not afraid of you,

I'm ready for a fight.

It's your fault for messing with someone like me.

You've just offered yourself to beg on your knees

For mercy, something I'll never give,

So now you're lucky if I allow you to live.

Don't cry,

Don't scream,

Don't even beg.

Haven't you heard one thing I've said?

You took a girl's heart in the heat of it's prime

And ripped it out and stomped it on it,

Oh what a crime!

So it's your fault now,

For pulling the trigger.

You wanted something less,

I wanted something bigger.

But you didn't care,

You just went on ahead.

So it's a wonder, why you're wondering

why I want you dead!

I used to be forceful, powerful, and magnetic,

But now that you've broken my heart

You're going to dread it!

Every second,

Every minute,

Every hour of the day,

I'm scheming my payback, for you today.

You wonder why I'm like this?

You wonder what went wrong?

The day I let myself think

you cared for me all along!
Hmmmmmm. I did this in the beginning of the year, and I barely remembered it now. It's half decent I guess. At least it rhymes.

I'm planning to do the rest of the zodiacs as well, that's why it's called Eighth love, because the Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac. And the reason I only did Scorpio first is because I could relate most to it because I'm a Scorpio.

But this one is more focused on revenge and the broken hearted. So I think depending on the stereotypical attitudes of the zodiacs it will show in their poems.
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December 27, 2012
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